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How to Create own  Website free

Learn how to create your own website for free. Yes you can create and own your website for free and all within  30 seconds. Minimum hassle and absolutely no coding required.  Click to see a short tutorial with video to see how easy.

Awesome, so whats next?

Owning own website(s) or Blog(s) and having the knowledge to create and self-administer your own website(s) and blogs is power to you. Your website or blog is your online shop front or access point to World Wide Web of Internet where vast opportunities open for you and the limit is how you see this. Yes, a website is your tool for trade for many internet opportunities.

With the knowledge, you start your own home based business (Online Entrepreneur), Be more professional if already have a business, Market Products, Services, Company own or for others more rapidly and globally reducing printing and overall marketing cost, with the ability to keep information updated on the fly, Buy and Sell Online, Engage and Share information with online users more effectively and conveniently, be this personal or profession. Educate and Train many through ease of disseminating information, and regularly update publications or articles that are already out there in the market at minimum cost and effort.

As Wealthy Affiliate is #1 largest Online Entrepreneur and Internet Marketer Training University, comprising of over 400,000+ members, the next logic steps are;

a) Getting Ready! Learn and Apply how to Enhance and Optimize your website to level when it can start ranking in Internet, primary Google as current 60% search on internet uses Google. This is preparing your website to be rated by Internet Search Engines (SEO) and thereby passing traffic to your newly created website. Through step-by-step training, you will add color, features and functions to your new created website or blog. Apart from the training, you will have access to online information and rest of 400,000+ members to engage with and learn from.

b) Learn all about Affiliate Marketing and START! Learn the latest and most relevant training, techniques and applying directly on your websites; in essence, learn the skills of Internet Marketing for the #1 Training School and and apply immediately through you web sites, the start of your Online Internet Business or many other call Home based Business. Again you will be engaging, sharing and growing with 400,000+ budding and successful Internet Marketer and Business minds for 143 countries plus, a truly globally gathering of like minds, where you find space to develop and be mentored by some the world’s best and Successful Online Entrepreneurs including personal access to access and mentor-ship by co-founders of Wealth Affiliate, Kyle and Carson.

At a glimpse I joined as 497,645 person (and is my personal starting rank) on 28th December, 2015.  See my dash board below, which you will have same after you register.

My start rank

Where am I now? and what’s next?

As at 28th March, 2016, 3 months into my journey, I am now ranked at 1337, with my own .com ranked indexed in Google, and few more under development, and my general knowledge of Internet increased 200++ appreciating more on Affiliate Marketing opportunity, Scams on Line, Search Engine Optimization and many much more Internet Influence.

The increase knowledge has also given me a renew focus at work and life, which I am enjoying both more than ever before.  The satisfaction of working hard on your home based business, in parallel with enjoying your current 8-5 job is definitely rewarding path, and you could be in the same. The choice is yours and I will be here to help you through.

Interested only in build and your own web sites and contents

If your passion is just websites, then a little more on what you get here in Wealthy Affiliate. Website you get to build and own is a WordPress website powered by WordPress Content Management System, where, as at January 2015, 57.1% of top 10 million websites are built on WordPress CMS package.

Through Wealth Affiliate, you get more than already recommended #1 Website coding platform plus much more;

#1 Most Powerful and Flexible – Wealthy Affiliate own Website Builder, Administrator and Performance Manager – SiteRubix, with all the plugin features and finality installed by default. You do not need to think too hard! All done by your Wealthy Affiliate experts within flick of button, and all done 30 seconds. You are ready for Internet indexing with full Protection from online Spam and Hacking.

WordPress Functionalites -default

If you are looking at opportunity to start a home business and make money on line, a myth that needs to be clear here and going forward is that it is not free but comes with work.

In Wealthy Affiliate, you will have all the right and most relevant training and knowledge with the additional bonus!

  • Learn to start your own business online, by joining and hangout a community of 400,000 + like minds budding and successful entrepreneurs (Affiliate Marketers and Business Owners) sharing, engaging and support each you to grow.
  • Build website within 30 seconds, during training and as requirement to start your online business.
  • Websites build on WordPress, one of world #1 website software package.
  • All coding and programing removed. Build with flexible web building tool.
  • Access to build and host 100 domains under this program.
  • Own email domain inclusive.
  • Be your own website administrator.
  • Create your own content and own all content right.
  • Access to 1,400+ websites themes to choose for your website. Decide on how you web sites looks like.
  • Access 14,000+ widgets to select from to add to your websites. Choice on what you website is designed to do.
  • SPAM protection updated daily. Fended off 2.7 million hacking attempts last year, 2015.
  • Website backup daily, for 400,000+ members with multiple websites.
  • 24×7 Support online.
  • Direct access to Co founders.

All too good, at what cost! Can have all of the above by joining current World #1 online Affiliate Marketing University for little as $1.57 per day ($47 per month).  No up selling!

So whats next for me? Invest more quality time to learning through WA learning and growing My Online Business day by day; Optimize website for Search Engines, and Create contents to attract traffic, and convert traffic to Income. Learn day by day and TAKE ACTION, TAKE ACTION and TAKE ACTION.

NOW  You!  Why Wait? TAKE ACTION?

Start by  building your own website for free, yes for free now. Through my training with Wealthy Affiliate, I am able to offer two free builds on Wealthy Affiliate  powerful Site Builder SiteRubix per day and here is one for only you for following patiently till now. TAKE ACTION!


DONE it yet? ACT NOW! Register now.

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