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I am Jack and welcome to my web site.


Internet and access to mass

Internet revolution has changed the way people live. Internet has enable Mass Access to Mass Information, on real time and further extend ability to do business efficiently and effectively over physical distance constrains and time limits.

e-commerce and online trading – billion dollar industry and growing

Online Shopping or ecommerce is one of fastest growing billion dollar industry and accepted life style in developed countries. According to US Department of Commerce (USDC), US retail ecommerce sales for the 3rd Quarter of 2015, was estimated to be US$ 87.5 billion, an increase of 4.2% (+_ 0.9) from second quarter of 2015, just to mention one country. This is US stats alone!

(Source: US Department of Commerce, ecommerce, Q3 2015 stats)

USDC – ecommence, Q3 2015 Stats

No more physical and time limits on shopping and trading

Where once upon a time, a resident would spend Saturday and or Sunday at Shopping Malls or Market Places to try out clothes, test drive gadgets, finding the specific tools to perform tasks at work or home and take home same day as this was then the most efficient way to locate a variety of products in the same place, this is now rapidly complemented by online virtual Malls and Shops, and are gaining popularity as shopping now is simply quick, and effective, powered on by rise of Internet and ecommerce. Online Malls and Shops know no physical or time constrains hence redefining the landscape of shopping forever, now evident in Developed Markets and rapidly expanding to Developing Markets globally.

Online trading still increasing to previous unreachable

Further complemented by rapid advancement of Wireless Mobile Technology and introduction and better access to 3G speeds minimum, and further support by easy accessibility to Debit VISA card by Banks and 3rd world countries such as Papua New Guinea (PNG), this phenomenon will also gain momentum in these markets if not already so.

Opportunities at hand – Affiliate Marketing.

With above, online trading and ecommerce opportunities and services as never before is on rapid increase and will continue this trend in the coming years.

Internet Marketing or more particularly Affiliate Marketing is one the many opportunities that more people ordinary and non IT people can now have access to. Why? Apart from Internet access and growing online buyers, other two compelling factors I have seen are a) quality online education which was not easily available before and b) simplified process to build a website, the vehicle for the trade, which was never this easy before.

Why need guided approach? Avoid scam and learn from experts, to get better quicker

Sadly enough, as there are many caring and genuine people and institutions out there ready to help, for free or reasonable legitimate fees, so are  there many online scammers on the prowl at any opportunities to scam unsuspecting and inexperience internet users of every money they can lay get their hands on.

My Approach

To minimise my exposure as a first timer, here is what i did.

  1. CHOOSE: Identify a Creditable & Quality Learning Institution – for quality education at reasonable cost.
  2. RESEARCH: Spend some quality time to do own internet research before leaping in.
  3. REACH OUT: Looking up quality reviews and recommendations for trusted sources also save a lot of time, and minimizes your risks. Ask questions.
  4. LEARN: Learn and Take Action, Take Action and Take Action.

After online research for over 3 weeks and within 2 weeks from enrollment, I build my own awesome website, which you are on now.  I can never ever imagine building one this easy, and full owning rights the site, to administer, create contents, and publish. Yes the conventional way to do this; find and pay someone to do for you (need money), and put up with chronically reliance on your developer for ongoing support as long as your website operates or if you are IT savvy, with some sweat and money and depending on your programming skills level and internet knowledge, develop your own. How did I do this? Easy, see how to create own website.

Under 2 weeks, not only that I now have my own website, my knowledge and awareness of internet and Search Engines ‘dos’ and and ‘donts’ increased 200%++, through the online community support I had access to and wealth of knowledge bank at disposal. In short, create content for visitors and internet search engines, and not really for you.

Can do and believe in yourself. And great news, awesome HELP and Support in WA.

My challenge to you is, are you willing Learn and Earn Extra Online while enjoy learning? If your answer is Yes! but I don’t have money to pay for learning! then wait, no more. It is free to try, Learn more on how to start.

I had taken the challenge this January, 2016 to take a step by step approach of Learning and Earning Extra Online. Four lessons later,  arrived at my  first website. With much excitement and confidence that it is the correct path, upgrade from Starter membership to Premium, which provided insights to further enhance my basic website to present. With I have chosen to share my journey and excitement on  my site, hopefully as a candle light, which is my website theme to many of you out there who may have gone this path but taken decisions resulting in scams or like me a newbie trying out the waters.

Quality and Relevant Education a must. WA, my recommended World #1 Training Program

I am currently enrolled on online studying Wealth Affiliate’s Online Entrepreneur Certification program, learning about  how to start a low cost business on internet, growing lesson by lesson, to become a successful online entrepreneur, with  just a PC or a notebook and internet access. The lessons are easy to follow, precised to object and packed with tutorials and much guided references, where greatly help you to remain focus on key objectives of  each lessons. In addition to passive lessons, you now are a member of 400,000+ online active community entrepreneur,  beginners, experts, and mentors building lasting professional relationship and support each other to grow their online business. You even have access to the founders of WA, should you require a click away. Given above, learning in WA is a remarkable journey with much to offer, for any who is serious and committed to learning to be successful online.

 I have a job that keep me wholly occupied. No time.

Sure! You have a job now. Are you self employed? Do you work for yourself? If NO then, PAUSE and THINK. Here is the tip! You do not need to quit your current job! Like me, work smarter, prioritize, and off course must be  ready to commit quality time and effort in learn.  I have committed a minimum 3 hours per day, each day, 8pm to 11pm, while working hard at my regular 8-5 job. In a nutshell, enjoy learning to be a successful online entrepreneur, with experts help, support and mentoring, while carrying on your current daily routines. Your current job will in fact be the seed capital to help you get going.

Have Vision-> Plan how to get there, step by step ->Action, action and action

Transform your Visions into Reality. Learn how to move your Vision from your mind, into a plan,  and take action.

I am your personal Mentor for free

Saving the best for last, I am your personal mentor. Behind me, through Wealthy Affiliate , are many other Experts and can be Mentors, who can also support you through the program. YOU WILL NEVER BE ALONG OR GET STUCK WITHOUT HELP. This I can assure you!. Feel free to contact me directly on jack@learnandearnextraonline.com or say Hi when inside Wealthy Affiliate 

I certainly hope that you are excited as I am and find above discussions useful.

If you ever need any feedback or support regarding stuff discussed, simply leave your comment(s) and  with your contact and will get back to you.

And feel free to share through your social media.

Make sure you visit regularly as I will be updating with many useful ideas during by learning that I know you will find interesting.

 GET STARTED, the same way I did, for free. NO Fees, NO obligation.


Wish you the best for today, happy surfing and learning.

Thank you for dropping by and see you later!

Jack Tomon
Founder of Learn and Earn Extra Online at learnandearnextraonline.com
Email: jack@learnandearnextraonline.com

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you, this website was really informative and surprisingly UPLIFTING. I felt like you not only wanted to provide information, but you really want me to succeed. That is so cool. Please visit my site, I would be interested in your opinion – if you have pets… anyway thanks for the energy.

  2. Hi Becky, thanks for the first comment on my first web site. Much appreciated your feedback. Following my ongoing training and exploring much at the moment. As you have rightly stated, I am excited and passionate to lead those who seek knowledge on how to legitimately make extra income money online,though I am still learning myself. It is excitement of realizing that through Wealthy Affiliate University – Open Education Program, money comes after some real learning like building your own web site(s) and creating winning contents and key words that need to rank in Internet Search Engines.
    I hope other visitors will find time to join in and experience same. Thanks.
    p.s. Do have 2 dogs and cat and thanks for tips on onion and garlic on you web site. Very interesting I must say.

  3. Hi Jack,
    Well designed website. Easy to the eye. I enjoyed reading your content on the power of the internet and how it has and will change the way we commerce.
    I agree on why we should take this new wave opportunity to capitalized. Internet has open up more opportunities for smaller entrepreneurs. With smaller resources we will be be able to compete for a larger market.
    I wish all the best and look forward to our communication in WA.

  4. Hi Nasrat,
    Thank you for your feedback. Yes the number of people having access to internet globally according to International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in year 2000 was recorded to be 400 Million and further projected to be 3.2 Billion end of 2015. Ref http://www.itu.int/en/ITU-D/Statistics/Pages/facts/default.aspx . We live in the world, 2016 and beyond, when the influences of technology and internet revolution are imminent in our daily ways of life, or more importantly in future on our kids and future generations.
    We have the choice on hand to recognize this, embrace the effects positively in order enhance present lives and our future generation’s livelihoods or remain ignorant and be bystanders and left behind.
    Thanks for dropping by. Looking forward to continued communication in WA. Jack

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