Build your online business during COD19 Lock down

COVID19 Lock Down and Way of Living presents people with lot of time on hand and the need to live differently.

We can come out of COVID19 Pandemic era either devastated or strengthened with new skills, ideas, goals and objectives.

One fact for that matters is that ICT services value and demand has increased 100 folds, that may be  through timely and accurate information awareness and dissemination, e-commerce, support to health and public services to support contact-less e-trading, contact tracing and much more.

And the second fact, the way people live will never be the same.

It is an ideal opportunity to learn build your online business and services that you may had never though of or if you thought about it, the one you never had time to start. You do not need to be ICT specialist or you do not need special skills. All you need is time, which you now have plenty of on hand, commitment to learn and the will to take action.

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