How I started


My objective when starting all this? Could I make extra money online? My knowledge of Internet Marketing is minimal, but I heard and read time and time again that there are opportunities to make money. So I used my 3 weeks work break mid November 2015 to do online research. After two weeks of long nights of online reading, I still was not sure what to trust and where to start.

More a coincidence than intended, I landed on this awesome referral page written by now my college fellow member Peter Makaris.  After going through his review I was convinced I want to register to find out more.

As approaching Christmas and New Year, 2015,10 Steps- Level 1 my priorities were elsewhere obviously. The 5 days free access to Training – Level 1 – Online Entrepreneur Certification came and went with me taking No Action. Lost opportunity gone. On the right are 10 lessons of Level 1, I realized later that I missed out on.

With persistent reminder emails from the Co- Founder Kyle, I logged onto site through the embedded links, and more out of curiously started clicking away. Could only take limited actions on the training and tutorial as my free access has expired.


With more inside to the program and interest building up, I reminded myself that I will pay, enroll and get shot at interesting training. This seems too good to be true!

Two days after, then came the next big thing. Kyle extended invitation for second opportunity of next 5 days free. This time, with no hesitation, dug in and never looked back. After 3 days, before my 5 days was up, finished the Level 1, all steps 1 to 10 with my website frame work build out on sub domain, to my greatest satisfaction and excitement for more.

How this program does works?


4 steps short

Take Action, Get Started

Take action now. If still unsure,  GET STARTED NOW and get a feel of the training settings. All free, and of course you can quit, any time. During this journey, feel free to reach out if you have any question(s) or get stuck.  Register and join the fun. You can also see my blog and activities and have immediate access wealth of knowledge bank once you have registered. See you inside WA soon.


After you join Wealthy Affiliate, I will be your personal MENTOR for free, to help you out along the way, with many of my other online colleges!

Feel free to leave comment below and get in touch with me if you want to know more or discuss anything.

Thanks for visiting and happy reading.

Jack Tomon




2 thoughts on “How I started

  1. This is just awesome, thanks bro, I’ve been doing a lot of research on a couple of websites just like you did and just didn’t get around to actually making up my mind to give it a go at one or two until I had a look at your website. My mind is at ease now, at least I can now get what I’ve been putting off for far too long, off the ground.
    Going through your website was not only a eye opener but a pleasant and very informative experience which makes you the best mentor to my husband and I. At least We can trust this website and know that we can rest easy without worrying that it may be a scam. Thankyou !

    One problem though is that I am unable to create an account, I keep getting a message saying that I already have an account which is strange because I’ve never been on the wealthy affiliate website until I had a look at yours. Just toksave tasol, maybe you may help.

    Well I guess it’s time to Soar and I look forward to working closely with you under your guidance and help!

    Thanks again and cheers!

    Chris & Jan

  2. Dear Chris and Jan.

    Very glad to hear from you! And greater satisfaction in know that my website is delivering the excitement and passion I have to share with many more like yous.

    And above all, thank you in trusting me and taking on my recommendations. I can assure you, you will be with the #1 Institution in Affiliate Marketing and Website building online currently and You have my 100%+ support.

    So let journey begin. If you can take a screen shot of you registration screen with the response message and email me, I will check this out immediately. Have you tried logging on from another PC?

    For you additional information and interest, I am editing a blog to publish this week later this week on ‘The Open Education Project’ which the concept on which Wealth Affiliate is centered on. Keep look for this.

    And do check out our Brother Marco’s website we are working at Work in progress. Comments/feedback most welcome.

    Looking forward to hear from you shortly or catch up soon.


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