Build your online business during COD19 Lock down

COVID19 Lock Down and Way of Living presents people with lot of time on hand and the need to live differently.

We can come out of COVID19 Pandemic era either devastated or strengthened with new skills, ideas, goals and objectives.

One fact for that matters is that ICT services value and demand has increased 100 folds, that may be  through timely and accurate information awareness and dissemination, e-commerce, support to health and public services to support contact-less e-trading, contact tracing and much more.

And the second fact, the way people live will never be the same.

It is an ideal opportunity to learn build your online business and services that you may had never though of or if you thought about it, the one you never had time to start. You do not need to be ICT specialist or you do not need special skills. All you need is time, which you now have plenty of on hand, commitment to learn and the will to take action.

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Cross Border e-Commerce Overview – China’s e-Commerce overview through

APEC Cross Border e-Commerce Trading (CBET) Workshop, 2nd APEC BAC Meeting – 25th April, 2016, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

Cross Border e-Commerce or Online Trading beyond borders of Countries is phenomenal taking world by storm, as presented in the recent CBET workshop led by China, one of China biggest and leading e-commerce platform provider. The workshop was led by Ms Diane Wang, Founder and CEO of (website:
The workshop was facilitated through Investment Promotion Authority Papua New Guinea (, in conjunction with APEC PNG and APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) during the 2nd APEC BAC Meeting, which I with many other SMEs were privileged to attend.

APEC CBET Workshop overview

website: homepage

  • Currently one of China’s and World’s leading e-commerce platform
  • Provides cost effective all-in-one solution for your business, connecting buyers and sellers globally, while providing secure payment services, logistics solutions, escrow protections services and internet financing.
  • Access to 1.2 million Sellers
  • Access to 10 million Enterprises and Individual Buyers from over 220 countries
  • 40 million Product Listings
  • A transaction every 3 seconds
  • Multi linguistics sales in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
  • Partners include American Express, DHL, FedEx, MasterCard, VISA, UPS
  • First online cross border e-Commerce platform with ‘pay upon successful transaction model’.
  • Largest B2B transaction e-Commerce platform in cross border facts
  • First in market to set upon a dedicated Trust and Service Department, and reliable risk management team.

China e-Commerce Business forecast

  • Forecast to be US$420-650 Billion by 2020
  • 60% year on year growth
  • Internet Contribution to GDP 22% by 2025
  • Cross Border e-commerce 24%
  • Internet finance $5 Trillion in 2015
  • Jobs created, 1.8 million direct & 16.5 million indirect jobs
  • 5-6% retails sales
  • 90% on Market place platform
  • CAGR 120% since 2003

Cross Border e-commerce Eco System

e-commerce ecosystem

Ease of access into global markets, supported by technological revolution -> Brings more profit margin to Sellers

Access to market

e-Commerce vs  Traditional – Business success rates

SME advancement

My take home from the Workshop
Many of our Papua New Guineans are simply uncertain or suspicious of any form of Online Trading or Online Shopping at the moment, due to lack of awareness, education or due past negative experiences own or through hear say. In the recent years, however, stimulated by growth of mobile phone network and 3G and 4G data speeds availability, internet access is now more accessible to more public with good user experiences, better than  many ears before.
In PNG according to Internet World Stats figures, Internet Usage increase from 2.0% in 2012 to 9.4% by year end 2015, a growth  strongly fueled by Mobile Network towers roll out throughout PNG and data network speeds upgrades, between the 3 operators.
Not much by world standard but definitely 300% increase Internet penetration in PNG, and climbing.  This number will be very much in the tens if not twentys by 2016 year end.

Internet Stats


With the increase in Internet Access and better user experiences, e-Commerce  participation becomes more reality for lot more PNG citizens.
E-Commence is more and more becoming popular and accepted way the world does business, and the time is right for PNG to participate in this is globally phenomena. The workshop in my view should be the launch trigger, to bring together Business Entrepreneurs like-minds and Decision & Policy makers, Financial Institutions, Logistics Companies, PNG Customs, Technology Companies and others relevant stakeholder to further explore ways to progress this enterprise by researching, adopting and developing appropriate models for PNG users through partnership and participation with the ‘Friend of the PNG Government networks’ and or many other professional and successful e-commerce platform such as in the world today.
During the Q&A session, we had interesting  questions and discussions which I have captured and will elaborate in future based on my experiences to increase awareness in this space. Below is the ones I immediately noted;
  • Security of Buyer or Sellers? Seller to receiver payment and Buyer to receiver right goods ordered, in time and quality?
  • How much infrastructure is required for an average Papua New Guinean to participate?
  • Can we sell Agricultural and Livestock (and other perishable product or ‘illegal’ products) on such platform?
  • After Sales Support? Should you have any problems, how to resolved this?
  • What is the government doing on expanding and improving internet services to users
  • PNG Logistical challenges local and internationally to make this Export and Import trading prices more cost effective and attractive to Buyers and create increase in returns to Sellers?
  • Can PNG Buyers or Sellers have financial access immediately through current arrangement or similar platform currently deployed around the world?
  • What challenges PNG Government’s (and regulators), or have plans to support such initiative on e-commerce or have current plan to go down this path?
For anyone who is new to online trading or e-commence, as recommended in the Q&A, one must do own research on any e-business or consult 3rd party advises ( who has done this before) to avoid pitfall of being scam and losing money or business opportunity. This I agree to be very important. This is not only limited to one party review but the more the better and also talk to people who have used the services before.
It is usual to realise that many reviews currently on line are done more out of frustration rather then goodness. A review or rating on the net is ones personal experience(s) is everyone’s ethical obligation to support the growth of e-commerce throughout our country and globally.  My comment here is extending on the view expressed by Online Trust & Safety presenters led by department head Zhang Yali and by her other support presenters during the Q&A session.
Each and everyone using online space must develop the ethics of providing feedback/reviews/constructive criticism to acknowledge good work and services by others apart from the all usual negative criticisms. In doing so we can develop e-business space more rapidly in PNG locally as challenged by Anthony Smare and hence  furthering increasing the positive awareness and security to more Papua New Guineans locally and globally.
For discussion sake, I had a quick online research on the reviews and here is what I found on top of the search. Again, you will find most of the 508 review negative experiences, however, the exercise here to show the type of review available and how easily one can find this as discussed in the workshop.
I personally have not use before but one of my college (here with me in but from Fiji) did several times in the past and is happy with the service, but learnt much going through the online reviews on what do to avoid what the others may have experienced.

Review 01

TRUST Pilot review

Review 1
I will also look for some positive review and update later in this post just for the balance.
Closing off my sincere thank you to IPA PNG ( and APEC PNG and each hardworking staff and the organizers to make the Workshop available and a success for SMEs public of Port Moresby and Papua New Guinea. We look forward to similar workshops e-commerce or others in future.
Considering the fact that many Papua New Guineans are paranoid of buying and selling direct to China, the workshop brings us one step further to close this gap and knowing that are really people through which we buy and sell direct to China is the real takeaway.
Should you want to find out more and have any questions on comments on discussion above, feel free to leave comments below contact me on
Be sure to visit as I will continue the research into Cross Border e-commerce platforms and review other popular e-commerce platforms current in operation globally.
Happy Reading and Surfing!

Jack Tomon

TNET Solutions


(participant @ CBET Workshop, APEC 2nd Business Advisory Meeting, 25th April, 2016, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea)

SpyVisit – Best Analytical Tool for Website Owners and Affiliate Marketeers to complement Google Analytic

SpyVisit is software tools that can great assist a Website owner or an Affiliate Marketer to understand in great details your visitor’s behavior on your web page. If you have use Google Analytical before, then you will find SpyVisit even more impressive. If fact as the names goes, it ‘spy’ on visitors to websites and provide your valuable insights to visitors behaviors, recorded and can be replayed at your convenience in future, which in turn helps to improve your contents to catch more visitors attention with the eventual objective to convert to customer or subscriber, who will return. SpyVisit combine with Google Analysis, it seems to an invaluable analytic tool pair, that can great assist any online entrepreneur to capture your visitor attentions, improve your click rates and in turn improve the possibility of conversion.

Lot of positive feedback from my colleges who are successful and advance and long-time Affiliate Marketeers and Website owners, who have much experience and used online analytical tools.

I am trying out the 7 days trails offer and here is my first day summary and over view of the product and so far – VERY IMPRESSIVE !

Furthermore, works perfectly and so neatly with a WordPress website and complements Google Analytical. Will also check out on others.

SpyVisit provides thermal maps, generated and illustrating your visitor CLICKS on your page, or EYE-TRACKING, which shows how your visit moves over a page or Scroll when scrolling over the page.

Interested – Read more for DETAIL INSIDE VIEW OF SPYVISIT

Below is the main MENU  and all you need to know about SpyVisit to get it up and running!

  • Project Dash Board
  • User Sessions
  • Heat Maps
  • Popular Page Chart
  • Settings
  • Help and Support
User Dash Board

2 Project Dashboard pages

User Sessions

2d User Sessions

Heat Maps

SpyVisit provides thermal maps, generated and illustrating your visitor CLICKS on your page, or EYE-TRACKING, which shows how your visit moves over a page or Scroll when scrolling over the page. This is not available on Google Analytic at the moment

Heat map3

Below an example thermal map, showing CLICK point on my page.


Below shows how a visitor read along the page – showing the tracking of mouse over page


Page Stats
And provides you page stats summary

5 Popular Page

My Recommendation

Works awesome. 10 of 10 (so far).

More updates to come.

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Build your own WordPress Websites and Blogs – Introduction to WordPress Content Management System

What is WordPress website or WordPress blog site? – An Introduction to WordPress Content Management System

In Wealthy Affiliate Websites and Blogs are build using WordPress? What is WordPress?

WordPress website is a website build on WordPress software package platform by WordPress is a free and open source Content Management System (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress is installed on a Web Server Computer System, which either a part of an Internet Hosting Platform like and Wealthy Affiliate or is a local Network Host Computer System with WordPress installed for Education or Single user testing.

WordPress comes with features rich and flexible plugin architecture and template systems, which provides the flexibility for users to select, own set of features or functionality of a website or blog, making WordPress the my #1 recommended Site Development platform.
Below is a snap how of a WordPress Site Administration Dash Board.
WordPress Dash Board2


WordPress themes are WordPress comes with thousands of themes. Themes allow users to change the look and functionality of the WordPress websites or Blog on the fly without altering the content or health of the site. When creating a new website or blog, at least a theme needs to be applied in the initial setup. This theme can later be changed at user’s desire.

Themes are searched for, downloaded and installed directly through WordPress ‘Appearance’ administration in the dash board. WordPress themes are generally in two categories, free themes and premium themes. All free themes are listed in WordPress theme directory and premium themes are purchased from online market places and individual WordPress developers. In addition, WordPress users may also create and develop their own custom themes, if they have knowledge and skills to do so.

In Wealth Affiliate, as standard offer, when creating website, you have instant access to 1,400+ themes to select from.


WordPress has over 40,000+ Plugins, available which offers customised functions and features enabling users to tailor a website or blog to user specific needs. These customization range for Search Engine Optimization, Security and Spam Protection to Client User portal to


Yes the websites and blogs created using WordPress are viewable. Native application exists for WebOS, Anroid, iOS (iPhone, IPod Touch, IPad), Windows and BlackBerry to make mobile device viewing presentable. These application, however allow only limited set of options, which includes pages and blog posts, comments view, moderation, and comment replying and ability to see stats if enabled on websites or blogs. These native applications are designed by Automattic.

Other Features

WordPress also enables integrated link management; a search engine-friendly clean permalink structure, ability to assign multiple category, tagging of post. WordPress also comes with standard formatting and styling of text in in articles, and supports Trackback and Pingback stands for displaying links to other sites and can be directly edited in HTML or other customised editing features.

As of January 2015, more that 23.3% of 10 million top websites uses WordPress, ref:

As at February 2016, 59.1% of all known CMS use WordPress. This is 25.8% of all websites. Ref:

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